PIPLE,we make paths with
more stories together.

Infinite dreams, Endless challenges

for the confidences of the children who are free to think,
PIPLE will always prepare.


We focus on customer-centered purpose but,
we suggest the design innovation direction for the future
environment with creative thinking

PIPLE realizes customer satisfaction through the production
process and excellent handling of products that are faithful to the basic
and accumulate know-how for many years

Based on fruitful experience and customer-oriented mind,
we suggest directions trough various attempts and
approaches and also provide extraordinary result



  • LucyDesign and production of children's art textbooks; Nature Drawing, Creative Drawing, etc.

  • Reading Future Marvel board game planning production

  • i-Scream edu Design and production of 1m Art Masterpiece Music

  • Gyeonggi-do North Childcare Support Center Design and production of Child book and Textbook

  • DunamuPlanning and production of event supplies of UPbit and Stockplus

  • ChildFund KoreaPlanning and production of separate waste collection play mats, etc.

  • AramPlanning and production of children's picture complete books; Classic painting and music, and Addung, etc.

  • BisangMonthly teaching materials design and production of Sehim, NooriPlus, etc.

  • LittlebeastPlanning and production of pet clothing

  • Froebel, Gitan Edu, etc.Produced children's complete books and teaching aids from multiple publishers


  • Kakao NaviGoods planning & production for the giveaway event

  • Mapo public health centerMedical care law guide design and plan

  • EBS(Educational Broadcasting System)AI PengTalk goods product planning and design production, Fun Reading textbook design

  • BisangMonthly teaching materials design and production of Sehim, NooriPlus, etc.

  • Froebel, Gitan Edu, etc.Produced children's complete books and teaching aids from multiple publishers


  • Green Umbrella Children’s foundationEducational materials design and production delivery

  • Edu PangBook bag and quarterly gift design and production delivery

  • Samsung Securities Co.,Ltd.Welcome kit package design and production delivery

  • Hankook Tire Co.,Ltd.Welcome kit package design and production delivery

  • Hancom IncMilangi Convention goods design and production

  • Aram BookBaby All collection series planning and production

  • VisangNuri Forest, monthly educational goods design and production

  • Chunjae Education, Applebee , Froebel, Yoons English School, Say-pen etcEducational play materials and brochures directive production


  • Aram BookDesign and production of fairy tale collections

  • Visang NuppulDesign and production of annual educational materials

  • FroebelDesign and production English fairy tale theme

  • ApplebeeAnimal model figure production

  • Kakao DriverMonthly coupon and goods production

  • SandboxDesign and production Creator’s welcome kits and goods

  • NabitaCatalogue design and production of educational materials

  • The Meteorological AdministrationCatalogue design and production Climatic Data Center


  • WematchPackage design direction of welcome kit

  • DaekyoGift box production complete fairy tale collections

  • Aram BookProduction of Baby All collected series

  • VisangDesign and production of Nuppul, HowHow, monthly publication for child

  • Say-penPB product design and production

  • DaehongDesign and production Wanna One Yo-Hai goods

  • 4 Life KoreaProduct planning and production of conventional goods

  • Chunjae EducationDesign direction and production delivery of T-Sherpa teacher edition welcome kit

  • Edu PangDesign and production Normal Language Institute of monthly goods


  • Kakao Driver Inc.Design direction, production delivery and CS agent of welcome kit

  • Spielwald KoreaDesign and production of dining etiquette educational materials

  • Aram BookPackage design and production of a complete Audio, DVD collection Manufacture of furniture

  • VisangDesign direction and production Nuri Forest’s educational play materials

  • EK Kid KidsPB product design and production

  • SKTDesign direction and Production of educational coding materials


  • IMBC SurprisePackage design and production of moral character education program and video

  • Samsung Life InsuranceDesign direction and production of promotional materials

  • VisangBrand identity design and educational play goods production Nuri Sam edition

  • VisangBrand identity design and educational play goods production Nuri Forest edition


  • KBS MediaSmart Nuri Education play design and production

  • DAUM CommunicationDesign and production of Word promotional materials

  • Spielwald KoreaFroest publication design and producton

  • SIGONG MediaAnnual contract for private brand products design and production Ice Cream Mall


  • Brand DAEDOODesign and production annual calendar

  • DAUM CommunicationUltra Music Festival Promotion, Design works and production

  • CJEditorial Advertising Design ENM, titled ‘Master Chef Celebrity’

  • World Animal Grand ExplorationExhibition design and entire promotional production Yongsan


  • BMBExhibition design and production for Yongsan War Memorial Hall hosted World Animals Grand Exploration of editorial articles

  • Miraeasset Financial ManagementDesign and production of annual editorial Newsletters

  • SIGONG MediaPackage Design and Production of Elementary, Middle and High schools’ 80seconds Thinking Sharing edition

  • KBstarEditorial design and production delivery of promotional materials

  • YES24Event design and production

  • DaekyoPamphlet design and production

  • CJDesign and production MNET of ‘SIA’, ‘MAMA’ Awards ceremonies


  • Miraeasset Financial ManagementDesign and production of annual Newsletters

  • AIA Life InsuranceDesign and Production of printed materials

  • Samsung Life InsurancePlanning and production supply of regular promotional materials

  • DaekyoDesign and Production of private brand materials

  • Samsung SDSProposal of promotional booth and products


  • Ivy ClubProduction delivery of shopping bags and other manufactured goods

  • SKINFOODPlanning and production delivery of various promotional materials

  • Mega StudyProduction delivery and design of promotional brochures

  • AIA Life InsuranceAnnual contract for design and production of printed materials

  • Samsung Life InsuranceDesign direction and production supply of regular promotional brochures

  • Kyobo AXA DirectProductionSupply and Promotional Multiple


  • AIA Insurance companyPromotional supply of launching brochures and POP

  • VISANGProduction delivery and design of periodical promotional brochures

  • Miraeasset Financial GroupProduction delivery of promotional materials

  • YG EntertainmentDesign direction and production delivery of character fair design goods

  • YG Entertainment ShopProduct Development, design and Production of goods


  • Welcomm Publicis Worldwideevent agent

  • Mega Study'sDesign direction and production delivery for annual planner


  • AdmissionEvent follow-up task agent , KT Event agent

  • WoongjinProduction delivery for Food Package


  • DAUM CommunicationAnnual contract for event agent and PB SHOP production

  • Hyundai Hi-Car Direct Auto InsuranceSpecial offer package production

  • Woongjin ThinkbigAnnual contract on regular promotional brochures

  • GS Caltex poduction and shipping agent for Quality assurance POP contracts, free gifts and DM

  • Daum Direct Auto InsuranceAnnual contract Event

  • AIG Life InsuranceProduction supply of various POPs and brochures


  • Korean co., ltd., Click Marketing Conference Design Planning and production delivery

  • LG Insuranceleaflet design and POP promotional production delivery

  • E-MARTNational Traffic Information Guidance Policies Planning and production delivery

  • DAUM CommunicationPlanning and production delivery of promotional materials and POP

  • GS ShopProduction and delivery agency service for Home Shopping Advertisement DM design


  • Store Jungle co., ltd. , 10X10 co., ltd. , 1300k co., ltd. , and yes24 co., ltd.,contract for goods supply with online shopping mall companies

  • Daum Direct Automobile Co., LTD.annual contract for production delivery


  • JoongAng Ilbocontract of Free Gift Service between Joins.com and Joins City, Korea's major newspaper company

  • TrappelisDelivery of promotional materials Show Room Catalogue

  • Lotte Mart contract

  • Samsung Home PlusPOP production

  • Kyobo AXA Direct Automobile Insuranceannual contract for manufactured goods supply


ADRESS 4, Donggyo-ro 13-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea4