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  • Board Book

    To prevent for children to have hand cut phenomenon by paper, the book will be produced by combining papers to be thick.

  • Sensory apparatus development book

    It is a sensational book that can stimulate children’s five senses and facilitate sensory developments arousing their interests. It consists of a sound book, a scented book, a tactile book and a visual book.

  • Slip Slide Book

    It promotes children's hand-eye coordination as they move the sliders to reveal the hidden scenes. Just push the slider to find out creative artworks.

  • Lift the Flap Book

    It stimulates children's curiosity and raises imagination as they explore the folded parts that lead to exploration of associated illustrations and stories in such a fun way.

  • Pop-up Book

    The main scene or element is expressed in three dimensions and children easily understand the content with interest. This book can cause visual fun.

  • Scanimation Book

    It is a state-of-the-art animation process that creates the illusion of lively movement in each picture. It provides children with magical effects like a video without a screen.

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